Table of Contents 2015

  1. Paradox in Justice: Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme as a Marginalized Service
    Chhavi Bhatnagar & Dr. Subhasis Bhadra
  2. Life Skills Among Secondary School Students
    Mrs. Harpreet Kaur
  3. Structure and Organisation of Higher Education in India : A Macro-Perspective
    Dr. Naveen Ranjan Ravi
  4. Attitude of Parents towards Schooling of their Children
    Dr. Raj Kumar Dhiman
  5. Faculty Job Satisfaction: Influencing Role of Demographic Variables
    Dr. Sunita Shukla & Dr. Savita Singh
  6. Effect of Perceived Stress on Type A Behaviour Among Adolescents
    Rajesh Kumar, Roshan Lal & Beenu Varma>
  7. HansRaj Pal
  8. Psychological Well Being of First Year College Students
    Namrata Punia & Dr. Renu Malaviya
  9. Social Freedom Among Adolescent Girl Students of Chandigarh
    Ms. Navneet Kaur & Dr. Navleen Kaur
  10. Right to Education, 2009 as the Children Right: Assessment of Fulfillment
    Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
  11. Sustainable Development — Role of Teacher to Protect Environment
    Dr. Anuj Kumar
  12. Education in Light of Internationalism : View of Rabindranath Tagore
    Prajna Paromita Podder & Arghadip Paul
  13. Assessment Practices in Constructivist Paradigm at the Higher Secondary Level in Delhi
    Dr. Vijayshri Bhati
  14. (Joint Contribution of Illiterate Employable and Literate Unemployable in Education and Employment)
    Dr.Rajinder pal
  15. Sense of Humour of Secondary School Students in Relation to Academic Achievement and Gender
    Dr. (Mrs.) Kuljeet Kaur Brar
  16. Language Creativity in English Among Student-Trainee Teachers
    Dr. T. Uvaraj
  17. To Study Physical Activity and Locus of Control Among Adolescents
    Damanjit Sandhu & Haroon Shafiq
  18. The Growth of Spiritual Intelligence
    Dr. Amrita Bhullar
  19. The Right to Education Act : A Right Based Approach to Education
    Sumita Chatterjee
  20. Teacher Effectiveness in Relation to Self Concept of Secondary School Teachers
    Dr. Sandeep Sawhney & Ms. Paramjeet Kaur Mangat