International Mother Language Day was celebrated on 21st of February, 2018

International Mother Language Day was celebrated on 21st of February, 2018 with an extension lecture on Communication Skills for Teachers by Mr.Visual Monga, Assistant Professor, University Institute of Liberal Arts, Chandigarh, Gharuan. Mr.Vishal was accompanied by Dr. Sneh Bansal, Principal, CCE and Ms.Navdeep Sandhu, HOD, CCE for the lecture. Mr.Vishal urged on the need for communicating well as a teacher. He emphasised on gaining one's own identity, knowing oneself and being an insightful of oneself .He exhorted to be free from doubting oneself. He discussed areas required by an educators to be good communicators such as recruitment, student comprehension, parental support, communicating to parents, interacting with colleagues and supervisors . He adjured the prospective teachers to use constructive criticism, active listening skills and avoid argument. He shared the following commandments of communication speak to people to create network, smile at people ,call people by name, be friendly helpful and resourceful and be cordial, be genuinely interested in people, be generous with praise and cautious with criticism by exemplifying. He also discussed the strategies for improved communication to set goals based on their strengths and limitations, establish priorities, let your dream decide your routine, target your audience and message, reach out to diverse community groups, evaluate the effectiveness of your communication, small changes plus consistency plus time equals to big results and compound effect. Towards the conclusion, Mr. Vishal kept forth the audience some of the barriers to communication which should be overcome such as making assumptions, needing to be right, mental/physical attitude, health/physical factors, technical interruptions, environmental factors, human error. Mr. Vishal concluded on the quote that If God did not intend the humans to communicate, the humans would not have been exposed with sensory faculties. Dr. Sneh Bansal proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Vishal Monga and presented him with a memento.