In order to give practical training in organization of various co-curricular activities and to develop a sense of responsibility among the prospective teacher different committees are formulated and students are guided by respective teacher incharges in discharge and planning of different duties.

Admission Committee Ms Meenakshi, Ms Harjot, Ms Poonam
Alumni Association Ms Jaswinder, Ms Rajni, Ms Jatinder Kaur, Ms Meenakshi
Annual report Ms Harjot Kaur, Ms Jaswinder
Book Bank Ms Ravneet Kaur
Cultural Committee (Youth Festival and competitions) Ms Jatinder Kaur, Ms Harjot, Ms Anupreet, Ms Jaswinder & Dr Smriti Mona
Decoration Ms Jatinder Kaur, Ms Anupreet
Discipline Ms Navdeep Sandhu & Ms Jaswinder
Editorial Board : Magazine/Wall magazine Ms Harjot Kaur, Ms Anupreet & Ms Jaswinder
ERP Ms Ravneet, Ms Enu & Dr Samriti,
Examination Ms Navdeep Sandhu & Ms Enu
Extension Lectures Dr Sneh, Ms Rajni
Feedback Analysis Committee Ms Navdeep Sandhu, Ms Enu
Internal Assessment Committee Ms Navdeep, Ms Poonam, Ms Meenakshi,
International Affair, Faculty Development programme Ms Rajni, Dr Sneh
IQAC Dr Sneh, Ms Rajni
Journal Dr Sneh, Ms Rajni
Literary Committee Ms Harjot Kaur, Ms Anupreet & Ms Jaswinder
NSS Ms Enu, Ms Poonam
Orientation Ms Harjot , Ms Rajni and Ms Meenakshi Jaswal
Placement Ms Harjot & Ms Navdeep
Press /Media Coverage Ms Harjot Kaur & Ms Jaswinder
Record of Photographs Ms Enu & Dr Samriti
Record of Professional growth of teachers Ms Rajni & Ms Meenakshi Jaswal
Record of Attendance Ms Navdeep Sandhu
Refreshment Dr Sneh & Ms Anupreet
School T.P. Report Ms Poonam and Ms Anupreet,
Science Workshop Ms Rajni, Dr Sneh & Ms Meenakshi Jaswal,
Seminar Dr Sneh, Ms Rajni
Sports Committee Ms Navdeep Sandhu & Mr. Kamaldeep Singh
Teaching Practice Ms Harjot Kaur & Ms Navdeep
Time Table & Substitution Incharge Ms Poonam
Tours and Excursions Dr Sneh, Ms Harjot
Web Site Ms Rajni & Dr Samriti Mona
Women & Grievance Cell Ms Navdeep, Ms Enu & Dr Samriti