Labs & Training Centres

Advancements in technology has opened many doors in Education. The use of Computers can be an effective way of learning from hands on experience. The College has a well furnished Computer Lab and Language Lab with more than with all latest Computers, which caters to the need of B.Ed. students. The Computer Lab is also having multimedia projector and internet facility to train the students comprehensively in all the modern technologies which will help them to be a good teacher. It is used for imparting practical training to the students and also helps them to use the computer as a problem-solving tool in teaching


In ICT resource center we have – Television, OHP, LCD Projector, Tape recorder, Blank Cassettes, Transparencies, CDs and DVDs, Digital camera, Video Camera, Mike with Speakers. These facilities are used by teachers as well as by students for their presentation and other work.


The college also has a well-equipped laboratory with all the equipment necessary to carry experiments required at school level and to develop the spirit of scientific attitude for prospective teachers. It is adequately stocked with samples required in Biology, chemicals required for chemistry and other necessary equipments. Working models of different topics of Maths prepared by pupil teachers along with Mathematic Kit is also available in the lab.


Psychology lab is a very important feature of any education college. In this lab we have different tests and tools to assess the intelligence, personality and creativity of the students. Proper Guidance and counseling services are also provided to the students on issues ranging from those concerning with education to those relating to personal matters. The walls of this lab are well adorned with the pictures of eminent psychologists along with their achievements and there is also a Bulletin board for display of necessary information..