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Chandigarh College of Education organised workshop on Role of Multimedia

Chandigarh College of Education organised workshop on Role of Multimedia in Teaching Learning Process on 26th of November, 2019. Prof. Jeesu Jaskanwar Singh, USOL, Department, P.U., Chd was the resource person. He was welcomed by Dr. Sneh Bansal, Principal, Chandigarh College of Education. Prof. Jeesu began with the introduction of the concept of multimedia along with the explosion of knowledge and an expansion of technology ; the ancient version of ‘GURU’ as a teacher has been replaced with. He motivated teachers by narrating a story of a couple themed on the importance of a right and productive thought process which leads towards a right way for any invention to take place. He drew ample analogies of class room management skill where the components of teaching learning process and psychology are used to create a learning environment which supports academic and social emotional learning of the students. He made a student hold a plant pot, and demonstrated the behaviour of the student with the help of a house fly and a honey bee. He discussed about newspapers, blackboard as a powerful medium of multimedia. He added that teaching is a skill which demands that instructional objectives should be clear and focused. He gave an elaborative demonstration on artificial intelligence used in machines which are used for causing learning. He also discussed that the biggest challenge for the teachers is to keep the students interactive, engrossed in the class room. He said that by incorporating visual content such as pictures , encyclopedias, alphabets , flash cards, national geographic magazines , working model , puppets for story narration and toys for teaching small children, using masques will enhance the attention span of the students. He also showed the videos of Prof. Walter Lewin from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, teaching Physics with the help of multimedia. He also demonstrated the use of gadgets for Vrtual Reality as an immersive experience , Augmented Reality as an interactive experience and other new such as ‘reveal application’ under HP company . In the post-lunch session Prof. Jaskanwar shared some of the techniques used in videographey film making, creating . The workshop ws concluded with a vote of thanks to the guest and a presentation of mememnto by Dr. Sneh Bansal.