One day training programme on Human Rights was organised by Chandigarh College of Education

One day training programme on Human Rights was organised by Chandigarh College of Education, Chandigarh on 3rd of November,2017. The first session of the event received Mr.Rohit Chatrath, System Manager, Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh accompanied by Dr. PN Harisheekesha, Campus Director, CGC and Dr. Neena Sawhney, Principal, CCE. The first session commenced with the lamp lightening ceremony and the presentation of skit on Human Rights by the students. Dr.Harisheekesha appreciated the students for their relevantly themed and well enacted skit. He appealed that the core values taught to us by our forefathers should be practised amongst the children. He urged for the inclusion of value education. Mr.Rohit Chatrath played the video on the history of Human Rights dated back to 356 era of Cyrus, Babylon and shed light on the universal declaration and covenants of Human Rights. He informed about the several treaties made by India on Human Rights. He apprised the students of universal periodic review (UPR) runique process which involves a periodic review of the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States countries after every five years. He said that it started in 2008 in Geneva and got over in 2017. He enlightened that India was given 250 recommendations out of which 152 have been accepted. He also pointed out the most prevalent issues of custodial deaths, rights of women, for the recommendations. He also shared the list of states having Human Rights Commission and also the states which don't have are Nagaland, Telangana, Mizoram, Arunachal and Delhi. He also informed about the Constitution of NHRC and PSHRC. He stated in detail the functions of the Commission and the procedure of filing the grievance.the first session concluded on an account of open house. Mr.Neil Andrew Roberts, Chairperson , Child Welfare Committee, Chandigarh presided over the second session that covered the themes on 'Women Rights and Child Rights'. Mr. Roberts citing the quote of Jawahar Lal Nehru that read "the condition of any nation is assessed by the status of its women" touched some of the very sensitive areas concerning women rights. Through his emphatic address, he diverted the attention towards many issues concerning rights of women such as molestation, female foeticides, early marriage, right of women to property, atrocities on woman, domestic violence, women trafficking, gender bias. He also focussed on the legal rights and constitutional remedies available to women. He also shred some of the prominent movements started by women such as Gulabi Gang, Sewa and Nav Nirman. The other half of the session was indulged on 'Rights of Child' by Mr. Roberts. The basic four rights of child i.e. right to survival, right to development, right to protection and right to participation and child abuse remained the topics for the talk. He also informed about the most Inclusive right i.e. right to life and other rights like rights against exploitation. The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Neena Sawhney to the resource persons. Mr. Rohit Chatrath and Mr. Neil Roberts were presented with memento by Dr. Neena Sawhney and Dr. Sneh Bansal.