Tree Planting event was organized at CGC Landran

‘Tree Planting’ event was organized on 18th of July , 2016 at Chandigarh College of Education, Landran by the faculty and students under the guidance of Dr. Neena Sawhney, Principal, CCE. With the arrival of monsoons in the region, the plantation of the saplings of Neem tree around the campus was observed as an annual activity of NSS activity. The gardeners helped and taught the volunteers how to plant the trees. The helpers also told the students about the medicinal properties of the Neem tree, the botanical name of which is ‘Azadirachta Indica’ , and they also told about the uses of many other such plants. Appreciating the initiative to preserve nature, Dr. Neena Sawhney said that this event served the dual purpose of education and entertainment for the students besides also contributing to the conservation of nature.